About ETPLink

ETPs have grown tremendously over the last decade.  They are set to grow further with the increasing popularity of ESG, crypto and actively managed products.

Globally, the ETP industry has over 10,000 products with nearly 22,000 listings, AUM of $9.37 trillion, and 644 providers listed on 80 exchanges in 63 countries.* This fragmentation has created operational inefficiencies in the ETP primary market.

ETPLink changes that.

A unified platform for ETP primary market transactions, ETPLink streamlines the creation / redemption process for market makers, issuers, custodians, transfer agents and PT desks.


Built on distributed ledger technology, ETPLink offers unrivalled flexibility while maintaining best in class responsiveness, security and resilience.  

Our design supports the rapid implementation of enhancements and enables us to deploy unique solutions without the long lead times and complexity associated with traditional technologies.

*ETFGI July, 2022.

An Industry Utility

ETPLink is a utility built by the industry for the benefit of the wider ETP ecosystem

Minimise Risk

Minimise operational burden and errors, and better manage risk at a very crucial period of the trading day, through automation

Capital Deployment

By facilitating creations or redemptions right up until stipulated cut-off times issuers can move their respective cut-off times closer to the corresponding index close, freeing up AP capital to be deployed elsewhere

Our Team

Niels Buhl

Niels Buhl is currently the CEO of Arctic Lake, a technology company he founded in 2008

Arctic Lake builds functionality from mission critical trading technology, FIX gateways, STP and back office integration, database and analytics to GUI and API platforms

Clients range from Banks and Broker Dealers, IDBs, Prime Brokers, Asset Managers, Market Makers to FinTech start-ups

Arctic Lake excels at designing, building, delivering, operating, supporting and extending solutions in close partnership with their clients

Niels is a Computer Science graduate with 20 years market experience. He previously co-founded CQS and began his career on the proprietary trading desk at Credit Suisse

Bo Bjurgert

Bo Bjurgert has more than 20 years’ experience trading ETFs at banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms

Bo began his trading career at JPMorgan in 2001 before joining Merrill Lynch in 2006

He subsequently co-founded Rack Capital, a medium frequency hedge fund

Bo has spent the past 12 years in the proprietary trading space and is currently serving within the European Business Development team at Jump Trading based in London

Bo graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Roger Balch

Roger Balch has 15 years experience in the financial markets industry

He began his career at the London Stock Exchange Group in 2007 serving in the Strategy Department and latterly in the Secondary Market Business Development Team managing relationships with the Exchange’s largest trading clients

Prior to joining ETPLink in 2022, he was the Head of Prime Services at Sova Capital Ltd, a Prime Services provider based in London

Roger holds a BSc degree in Economics from the University of Surrey